What is Recycle, MI?

Recycle, MI™ Campaign

Recycle, Michigan™ is a marketing campaign developed to raise awareness and participation in recycling programs across the state. Recycle, Michigan™ is a vital part of contributing to the quality of life we value, the jobs and economy we grow, and the natural resources we strive to conserve and protect.

Everyone lives in Recycle, Michigan™

Recycling’s success lies with individual actions. Recycle, Michigan™ encourages Michiganders to recycle where they work, live, and play.

The campaign was designed to deliver a clear message of every Michigan resident’s role in recycling. Building universal recognition for Recycle, Michigan™ unites recycling concepts and behaviors under one umbrella to build the continuity of purpose necessary to grow recycling rates through consistent education, outreach, and convenient access to quality recycling programs from Alpena to Allegan, from the Keeweenaw to Kalamazoo.

The Michigan Recycling Coalition’s (MRC) public and private partners are encouraged to combine the campaign’s collateral material with complimentary education, collaboration, and advocacy efforts to provide the “how-to” and “where-to” information necessary to increase business and consumers’ recycling knowledge and ability to act. By raising the visibility of members’ recycling achievements, we also enable them to reach their own recycling and revenue goals that contribute to local economic and environmental health.

Recycle, Michigan™ is for Everyone!

From manufacturers to businesses, nonprofits to municipalities, professionals in the industry to individual citizens who care about recycling, Recycle, Michigan™ is for you. There are opportunities to be involved and support recycling at levels tailored to you or your organization. The Recycle, Michigan™ sign is open source and free to use. Whether you are running an event and want to highlight where your recycling is located or have an established program that you are promoting, Recycle, Michigan™ can help all of Michigan by giving recycling consistent branding.

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