Our Partner Program

 Show your recycling program supports the local economy, environment, and residents of Michigan by joining the statewide recycling education and outreach campaign!  

Find the best way for you to get involved below.


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Current Recycle, MI Partners:

  • The City of Lansing
  • The Department of Natural Resources
  • The Steve Chalker Memorial Fund
  • Wayne County Department of Public Works
  • Haworth
  • Herman Miller
  • Mid Michigan Waste Authority


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The Recycle, MI Partner Program
Become a partner of Michigan’s only statewide recycling education and outreach campaign. Get your organizations recycling program recognized, use custom tools, and help spread the word on what recycling means for Michigan. Becoming a partner supports the continued development of new Recycle, MI campaign tools and helps more Michigan residents understand how they can recycle where they live, work, and play!  Learn more about becoming a partner here or 

The partner program is designed for communities, organizations and businesses that want to be a partner in actively promoting recycling in Michigan and highlight their own recycling efforts. Partners receive a variety of benefits including recognition of being an outstanding program that supports recycling in Michigan.

Benefits Include:

  • A Recycle, MI sign your first year in the partnership program
  • Discounts on future Recycle, MI swag
  • Recognition as a partner on the Recycle, MI website
  • Use of all Recycle, MI promotional material
  • Recycle, MI partner logo
  • Access to annual customizable recycling social media plan*

Exclusive Recycle, MI Partner Program material*
*Access to these benefits are available with your annual renewal as a partner.
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Current partners

Partner Only Content
Upcoming  Partner Events:
The partner program will be hosting a Recycle, MI Earth Week friendly competition, focused on our state and lots of Earth Day oriented activities. Sign up today so you can participate in the fun too!

Recycle, MI Supporter Program

You don’t run a recycling program, but you’re still a recycling enthusiast? Become a Recycle, MI Supporter today! We’ll soon be launching our Recycle, MI supporter program aimed at individuals passionate about recycling in the Mitten State. Help support Recycle, MI and receive the latest campaign swag along with a quarterly Recycle, MI newsletter that will keep you updated on what’s happening with recycling across our beautiful state!

Steve Chalker Memorial Fund 

We’re very proud to partner with the Steve Chalker Memorial Fund. Steve Chalker was a Michigan Recycling Coalition Board Member and early proponent of the Recycle, MI campaign. The fund is dedicated to continuing Steve’s work on the campaign by funding expenses related to event recycling. We welcome you to donate, volunteer, or simply learn more!