What Can Be Recycled?

Recycling can be confusing!

Although many materials are technically recyclable it can be difficult to figure out what and where you can recycle. Recycling often becomes confusing quickly because everywhere recycles a little differently.  In Recycle, MI we have an easy trick for you to always recycle right-you just have to ask yourself two questions.

      1. Can this material be recycled?

You’ve come to the right place! By exploring this page you can start to understand what materials are able to be recycled. Sometimes your waste is a mixed material like juiceboxes they often are a combination of plastic and paper, but even though both of those materials are recyclable combined they usually aren’t.

     2. Where can I recycle it?

Recycling programs are limited by technology and resources, meaning most programs have a very limited amount of materials that they can collect. Even if something is recyclable it doesn’t mean that your local recycling program can accept it. We recommend always checking with your recycling program before recycling.

Not sure where to start?- A list of recycling contacts, by county can be found here.
or if you’re recycling in bulk check out the Michigan Recycling Coalition’s Recycling Directory.

Using This Page

You can sort the page by ‘Common’ and ‘Special’ materials. Special materials are items that are not normally accepted through a curbside or drop off recycling program. Many of the items tagged, special materials, need to be recycled in a special way, and are therefore only accepted at certain times or locations. The common items are often accepted in local programs, but check with your program before assuming they are. Most of the items listed below, even those listed as “special materials,” are common in every household. Choose the material you are interested in to learn more about why, how, and where to recycle near you.